Dongfeng KC

For Heavy Construction, Mining and Off-road Operations

Why Choose Dongfeng KC

With strong powertrain, solid chassis and outstanding reliability, the Dongfeng KC is a true representative for the heavy-duty engineering at Dongfeng Trucks.

The truck can easily be adapted to various assignments and is widely used for heavy construction site works, mining operations and other off-road operations.

The truck is also frequently used for heavy duty transports, including highway operation.

Cab Design of Dongfeng KC

Curved dashboard and with good visibility.

All instruments and controls are easy to read and reach.

Transmission of Dongfeng KC

The truck is equipped with ZF 16-speed transmission.

The maximum torque output of 1,740 Nm.

Proofed for many different road conditions and applications.

With crawler gear, better grade ability due to higher 1st gear ratio, adaptable for off-road operations.

Optimized ratio steps and bigger ratio spread provides less fuel and more power.

Rear Axle of Dongfeng KC

Rear axle provides high torque output and a wide ratio range.

Integrated main reducer housing, secure light weight, high strength and good sealing performance.

Patented lubrication pump technology for middle axle and oil lubrication on main components, will efficiently prevent burn-out of bearings.

Day cab, low roof, new face, all welded steel cab of tilt type, hydraulic cab tilting, rear mechanical cab suspension, adjustable driver’s seat, air conditioning system, power-operated windows, central locking.

The Dongfeng KC is available as left-hand or right-hand drive.


Dongfeng KC for heavy construction, mining and off-road operations.



GVW / Curb

25 000 / 14 600 kg

Engine Model

ISLe340 50


Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle

Maximum Speed

90 km/h

Engine Type

Water-cooled, inline six cylinder turbocharged and inter cooled, high pressure common rail diesel engine

Engine Rated Power

250 kW (340 hp) / 2 100 rpm

Max. Torque

1 500 Nm / 1 200 - 1 400 rpm

Specific Fuel Consumption

<190 g/(kWh)

Bore & Stroke

114 mm x 145 mm

Engine Displacement

8,9 litre

Reduction Ratio



Euro2, Euro3, Euro4

Emission Control



ZF16S1650 OD

Front Axle / Rear Axle

7 / 13 x 2 tons

Axle Configuration

6 x 4

Min Ground Clearance

260 mm


3 500 mm + 1 450 mm

Special Configurations

Euro5 emissions Tubeless tire

Dongfeng KC have Cummins Engine

Dongfeng cummins engine bring the best balance between loading request, fuel efficiency and emission.

Powerful six cylinder engine, maximum torque output of 1,500 Nm, ensures engine power reserve, accelerating ability and grade ability.

Reliable cold start performance with intake preheating, even at -35°C low temperature status.

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