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China Truck and Diesel are the only sole importers of Dongfeng / Warrior trucks engines and parts in SA.

We are also suppliers of  FAW, Powerstrar, Foton and Sinotruk Engines and Parts.

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China Truck & Diesel Sole importers of Dongfeng Engines and Parts.

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Dongfeng - Engines & Parts

China Truck & Diesel Sole importers of Dongfeng Warrior Engines and Parts.

What makes a truck a super truck? What makes the KINGRUN the king of its class? It’s the unique combination of innovation and reliability.

Dongfeng Warrior Kingrun DFL 140  Read More     

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Dongfeng Warrior Kinland DFL 420  Read More

Dongfeng /  Warrior Engines & Parts

China Truck and Diesel is all about trust, dedication, professional service and reliability.

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The China FAW Group Corporation, based in Changchun Province, is China’s oldest and largest vehicle manufacturer and over the last five decades has evolved into one of the world’s leading vehicle producers.

FAW Engines and Parts

Powerstar is ideal suitability for both on- and off-road applications, the majority of these trucks are deployed in construction and mining industries.  The POWERSTAR credence is: trucks built to last.

Powerstar Engines an Parts

Foton Engines and Parts

Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd. (Hereafter referred to as Foton) was founded on August 28 1996 with its headquarters in Beijing, China.

Sinotruk is China heavy duty truck manufacturer,Specializing in the production HOWO dump truck, tractor truck, cement mixer truck, tank truck and cargo truck.

Sinotruk Engines an Parts

We can source and import any part of any Chinese diesel engines.

Diesel Engines and Parts

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